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Melbourne und Sydney

Had some time to spend some days in Melbourne and Sydney. Really enjoyed the first town and the second one was also quite good.

People told me that they eiter like the first or the second town. I definitelly go for Melbourne.

Alice Springs, Uluru and Kings Canyon

Before you go to the cold south east in Australia it is probably a good idea to check out the hot red center.

Althougth it might get really cold at night ...

Perth Fall 2011

The whole semester just passed by so quickly. After some time weeks felt like days and suddently another month was over.
Luckily we still had some time to enjoy the city and the soroundings ...

Perth I am gonna miss you and the people I met.

10 days up north Western Australia

So we went on this massive bus trip up to Exmouth and back again to Perth at the end of April. 3200 km in total in about 10 days.

Western Australia has really nice areas but it is just such a huge distance to get from one scenic spot to another one.

Anyway the whole trip was pretty good and I am glad that I went on it ...

3 days down south Western Australia

This weekend we went with Jakob to a 3 days down south trip in Western Australia. 

Thursday night we staid at his dad's farm. Next day we went on to Bunburry and visited his mum.

Later on we spent some time in Margaret River, doing some vine, cheese or chocolate tasting.

Luckily we also found some time to relax on the beach for a while.

Perth city and Mullaloo Beach

Tuesday afternoon I met up with Daniel and went up the Bank West tower in Perth. He works there and this building is about 51 floors tall.

Thursday afternoon, shorlty b4 our "3 days down south WA" trip we went again to the lovely Mullaloo beach.

(Probably I ll need some Aloe vera now .... :-) )

Swan Valley (again)

Today we went again to the Caversham Wildlife Park and Swan Valley.

Pretty nice tour with some vine and beer tasting later on :-)

Joondalup + Beach, Rockingham + Pengiun Island

Yesterday we went to Joondalup Beach which is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen before. Sandy beaches, nice, clear and warm water and an almost endless view in both directions ...

We tried to watch an open air cinema later on ... but we got into some troubles with the security because we were justing sitting outside (not paying :-) ) ...

Today we went down to Rockingham which is another small town about 30 km south of Perth city. We took the ferry to Pengiun Island which is not really spectular.

But Jes picked us up later on and so we could see some really beautiful places of her hometown ...



International Student day

Today was the international student day in Northbridge hold by the city of Perth. It was actually a quite small event and just lasted 3 hours.

Yesterday we have been out again in Northbridge. Tomorrow is gonna be a relaxing day ... :-)